Because of the mistakes beginners has got incredible features in the game Anthem

Из-за ошибки разработчиков новички получили невероятные особенности в игре Anthem

Due to a bug in the game code Anthem the most available types of weapons with which users become acquainted with the shooter, was more effective than the most “tricked-out” rifles. It turned out that the indicators of damage are not correctly reflecting reality and is not needed.

According to “Popular mechanics”, a multiplayer shooter Anthem from publisher Electronic Arts about three weeks after the release became a vivid example of how the creation of the game better.

A list of programming errors compiled by the user, includes not only the flaws of the gameplay, but critical bugs that turns the console into a “brick”.

The essence of the problem. For example, on March 6, the user of the social network Reddit published the findings of its study of the effectiveness of different weapons in the game. He checked how many shots from each rifle need to destroy the same enemy.

Из-за ошибки разработчиков новички получили невероятные особенности в игре Anthem

A screenshot from the game Anthem

If you believe the in-game information, using a “defensive rifle” the first level is applied to 286 points of damage, and “burning rifle of Ranera” 45 level deals 1184 units of damage. However, the same enemy first kills in four shots, and the second for six.

EA representatives have already responded to the post and stated that “about the problem known to be working on a solution“.

The probable reasons. Other Reddit users have suggested that it’s the internal balance system that equalizes players of different levels in direct confrontation, which results in a lower effectiveness of high-level weapons when shooting at a primitive opponents.

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