Because of the “Moscow tourists”: a veteran of the ATO told about the investigation against the “aidarova”

Из-за ''московских туристов'': ветеран АТО рассказал о расследовании против ''айдаровцев''

The security service of Ukraine is investigating two articles on the deaths in the Donbas Russian mercenaries “LC” Roman Orujov.

This broadcast ObozTV said the former commander of the battalion “Aydar”, MP of Ukraine of the VIII convocation Igor Lapin, commenting on the interrogation of “aydarovets” in the SBU.

According to him, the veterans of the ATO safely react when law enforcement officers “touching staff, logistics… for someone two cans of gas were stolen in the army.”

“But the fact that they undertook combat operations. My business is a military operation of the Armed forces of Ukraine. I personally received orders from the sector commander to break through the blockade of the Lugansk airport… Article “terrorism”. Who came to bring to this article the matter?” – outraged Lapin.

As reported, the former “aydarovets”, the second article of the criminal code, according to which an open case – “the slaughter of innocents Moscow tourists or whoever they are.”

“What can I say? It was a battle, was captured, was wounded. The wounded prisoners were sent to the hospital, one of them died… we were homeland defense point. Today to open things for combat operations is a nonsense,” – he stressed.

A veteran of the anti-terrorist operation said that the investigation is conducted Severodonetsk office of the SBU, whose staff went on a trip to Volyn.

“Most interesting is that they in 2016, it is unclear what arrangements did the exhumation of the body of the deceased citizen and transferred him to ORDO. I ask them – guys, where’s the body? It was the “boy in shorts”? Clearly, no. It was handed over and there he was made Martyr, began to tell me that he was a volunteer, brought insulin. Although the car in which they traveled and from which were fired at us, were loaded with boxes of green color. The boxes were RPG sights for mortars and guns. Still had the documents with OTK stamps of the Russian Federation and military units,” – said Lapin.

“They open a case on me? Let them try. Wife us before was waiting with the war, today we are waiting for the interrogation, God forbid, to have to wait from prison. But the attack is a category of people who all went and saw it. They will not suffer in jail, they will not go – they will go to the forest,” he said.

Former “aydarovets” suggested that a criminal case is “one of the scenarios for the collapse of the Ukrainian state, which is performed at the behest of the Russian Federation”.

“It is the demoralization of the personnel of the Armed forces of Ukraine during the war – those who are in the trenches. Today, they have to think to shoot or not to shoot. This is the biggest crime,” concluded Lapin.

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