Because of the subsidies Renault Zoe in Germany absolutely free

Из-за субсидий Renault Zoe в Германии раздают бесплатно

Dealers are experiencing a shortage of employees and cannot cope with the sales growth

Adopted in Europe to unprecedented measures to support the market of electric vehicles has led to a substantial increase in demand, analysts say Bloomberg NEF. This is due to the significant reduction of the cost of acquisition of such machines.

For example, in Germany to buy new electric cars there is a reduction of 9 thousand euros. This allowed local dealer Autohaus Koenig to offer electric cars Renault Zoe lease with zero down payment. The monthly payment will be only 69 euros, and after three years the user gets the opportunity to redeem the car, spending on it a total of 12 999 euros for a suggested price of 27 675 euros.

The company, which brings together 50 dealerships within 20 days from the beginning of the stock sold to the leasing of 300 electric cars Renault Zoe. Could sell more, but not enough sellers complain about the dealer.

The cheapest offer in Germany now leasing an electric Smart for 9.9 euros per month and Zoe for € 39 a month, but with the introduction of the preliminary Deposit. In France, where subsidies account for 7 thousand Euro, leasing the Zoe will cost 79 euros per month.

The publication notes that the subsidies are temporary, so to save themselves demand electric cars should be cheaper. Bloomberg NEF experts predict that the cost of electric vehicles and comparable gasoline-powered cars would be balanced by the year 2025.