Because the developer of God of War main character was almost called the Stig

Из-за разработчика God of War главного героя чуть не назвали Стиг

Stig Asmussen (Stig Asmussen) – game Director of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, who had worked on all the games God of War, not counting the last one. And another developer accidentally almost gave its name to the famous Spartan.

During the office visit Respawn Entertainment edition of Game Informer not only elicits the developer details about “Fallen order”, but was caught up in his past. Asmussen told that when creating the original God of War his name appeared in a list of potential names for the main character.

“Working for [Kratos] was for a long time Dominus, but the marketing Department didn’t like it, says Asmussen. I don’t know how many crew members offered their own versions, but among them was me. In the end, considering there were four, maybe five names – Kratos was one of them… And the Stig too”.

Asmussen says it’s just a mistake. His name, he signed the list with his options. Marketers misread it, but, apparently, the name of the developer they had to taste. Asmussen was surprised when he learned that the protagonist can call the Stig, but jokingly admitted that he did not mind.

In addition, Asmussen remembered that in times of Dominos game would be called Dark Odyssey. It was like the developers, but the marketers felt that it was too abstruse – say, people do not understand. According to Asmussen, a lot of the team was not thrilled with the final option.

Recall that the final name for the series of slasher picked at random – pulling from a hat a piece of paper with one of the options.

Из-за разработчика God of War главного героя чуть не назвали Стиг