Become aware of the salaries of Minister Ostap Semerak and the Vice

Стали известны зарплаты министра Остапа Семерака и его заместителей

The Minister of ecology and natural resources Ostap Semerak earned in the last month 43 132 thousand UAH.

In fact, the official was paid 34 thousand UAH 721,26.

This amount includes salary, allowance for length of service and intensity of work, surcharges for access to state secrets, indexation, payment of annual leave.

The Deputy Minister for the month earned: Victor Vakarash – 37 526,46 thousand UAH (actually received UAH 30 thousand 208,80), Nicholas Cusio – 34 866,46 thousand UAH (including taxes and fees received 67,50 28 thousand UAH), Basil Polujko – 777,61 30 thousand UAH (paid 24 thousand UAH 775,98).