“Become depraved”: the button from “Daddy’s daughters” stunned recognition

«Стала развратной»: Пуговка из «Папиных дочек» огорошила признанием

The star of the popular sitcom “Daddy’s girls”, who plays Buttons, gave a Frank interview. Ekaterina Starshova admitted a little regret that it has become famous, tell Days.

17-year-old Catherine noted that he did not want and did not want the popularity that she struck. She hopes that over time it will cease to know.

“For me it’s not quite what I need, it is a bit annoying. Get used to it, and you just strain studying views from all sides, constant attention to you,” said Ekaterina Starshova.

According to the girl, because of the publicity she often gets into trouble. Tactless fans sometimes give her discomfort. Strangers sometimes grab her, “jump on the shoulders” and dragged to be photographed. After a celebrity for example, told a story of blatant arrogance.

“We sat with friends, ate at McDonald’s. A woman came and asked if he could take a picture. I don’t have time to open his mouth to answer, and she pushed all of my friends, freed from food, rearranged the tray and says: “take me, I’m ready”. And the fact that I didn’t say I’m ready – it does not matter”, – says with a smile star “Daddy’s daughters”.

Catherine noted that long time never removed, but the interest in her person is not lost – she is often the heroine of gossip. Star believes that this is facilitated by the fakes in social networks.

According to the girl, a photo from her Instagram page stealing clones. “They always take my photos and post them with some of your thoughts, your additions to these pictures,” the stunned recognition Starshova, adding that many of the media and public portals and referring to the fake accounts.

“Me’s so annoying. I have put online some photos of me on the beach in a bathing suit is causing such controversy around me: “Oh my God, the girl grew up, had become so perverse.” What? I don’t want it someone was watching,” – said Catherine YouTube project “Gentle editor”.