“Beer pour!”: Daughter Pugacheva inappropriate decent family celebrated the birthday

«Пивка налей!»: Невестка Пугачевой неподобающе приличной семье отметила день рождения

Wife Nikita Presnyakov, the grandson of Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, March 8, began to celebrate his birthday. However, fans in the comments noted that she did this for a respectable family.

Namely, the Daughter of the prima Donna was not invited to the feast of the relatives, but instead she was surrounded by many friends, who while recording a video of her congratulations were holding disposable cups. March 8, Allen Presniakovas was 22 years old. However, instead of a proper celebration in the family, the daughter Pugacheva had a house full of young people. Celebration, apparently started in advance.

At a time when the husband was congratulated by Alain, played loud music, and the way I recorded it all on video. Nikita, which was presented to the wife gorgeous cake, also danced, showing a good mood. In the review members discussed the holiday and noted that it is much brighter than the event would have looked if Alena invited Dolly parton and made a decent action with a gorgeous table.

“Chapa, pocket, open, beer pour,” so the occasion described one of the fans.