Beets, carrots, tomatoes and green vegetables prevent the development of cancer vegetables

Свекла, морковь, помидоры и зеленые овощи предотвращают развитие онкологии овощи

Poor nutrition, adverse environmental conditions, insufficient physical activity, harmful habits, infections – all these factors can cause the development of cancer. Doctors called the vegetables, allowing to prevent occurrence of cancer.

In the list were beets, carrots and tomatoes that are rich in phosphorus, iodine, vitamins C, E and K, and antioxidants. Latest support an alkaline environment and inhibit free radicals to increase the acidic flora. The burning of a number of substances all of the cells contribute to the higher level of acidity. Antioxidants make less oxidative stress. In cancer, the acidic environment increases and in alkaline environment the affected cells grow slower and can be destroyed, and as a result, the likelihood of metastasis is reduced.

Tomatoes have plenty of lycopene that prevents the development of cancer. In the United States doctors prescribed to women at risk of breast cancer, anti-cancer diet. Patients every day should eat one tomato. This substance protects the body against hormone-dependent tumors of the breast, prostate, ovarian. To reduce the sensitivity of cells to testosterone and estrogen recommend patients to eat more red and orange vegetables.

Do not neglect the beans. This product contains iron and zinc that regulates hemoglobin and producing new cells and hormones. Such properties are needed in the fight against early stages of the disease.

The protective properties are green vegetables – namely broccoli, spinach, cucumbers. Named culture at the DNA level is able to delay the growth and aggressiveness of cancer due to the substance called sulforophane. Experts advise to prevent cancer to use the above foods in fresh form, as due to the heat treatment, they lose their useful properties.