Before sending it to the forefront of Ukrainian soldier killed a colleague

Перед отправкой на передовую украинский военнослужащий зарезал сослуживца

Previously men were familiar for a long time.

To nine years in prison Desnyansky district court of Chernihiv sentenced the recruiting officer who was stabbed colleague before sending them to the area of Operations of the joint forces.

It all happened in a dormitory of the camp before lights out. Men high-fived each other, and suddenly insulting remarks it acquired the shape of a critical mass, and then one of the soldiers just stopped to control yourself. Grabbing the knife, he was stabbed in the chest companion, he felt, in his words, an overwhelming desire to kill him for the insult.

The only wound proved fatal – the victim died before arrival “first aid”.

The accused pleaded not denied and otherwise assisted in the investigation, apologized to the relatives of the victim.