Before the fight of the Ukrainian boxer Usik Mitrofanov finished the fight in a draw – 24 Channel

Перед боєм Усика український боксер Митрофанов закінчив бій внічию - 24 Канал

The undercard fight of the antennae and the Underwear was the match with the participation of Ukrainian Dmitry Mitrofanov. His opponent was the champion of the Netherlands in a Middleweight Gino Kanters.

The fight lasted all four rounds reserved for him. None of the boxers failed to win during that time (although Mitrofanov and fell to his knee in the first round). Therefore, the decision was made by judges. However, they did not reveal the winner – a draw is 35:35.

It should be noted that Mitrofanov this was the third duel on a professional ring. Prior to that, he twice won one of the fights by knockout.

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