Before the occupation of Crimea was flooded with Russian spies and agents are different – the former head of the Council of Ministers of the ARC

Еще до оккупации Крым заполонили российские шпионы и разные агенты - экс-глава Совмина АРК

The former Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (on may 27, 1998 – 24 July 2001) and former representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea (27 Feb 2014 – 26 Mar 2014) described how the occupants offered him to join them.

Moscow’s decision to occupy the Crimea was not spontaneous, this was preceded by years of economic and socio-political training.

In an interview with Armyinform said the Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Afghanistan veterans and ATO and ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (March 2002 – April 2005) Serhiy Kunitsyn

“This decision was neither spontaneous nor accidental, as some say, blaming the Maidan. The violent seizure of Crimea was preceded by years of economic and socio-political training of Russians to invade. Well, with the coming to power of Yanukovych, Putin had such a real possibility. Then the Crimea was filled with spies, agents of influence of all kinds! And what can I say, if during that period two defense Ministers of Ukraine and the head of the SBU were citizens of Russia?!”, – said Kunitsyn, which is a significant part of his life spent in the Crimea.

He also remembered that the Russians had offered him to join the ranks of the collaborators, offering high positions in the occupation administration.

“I was offered to join the local rednecks who took an active part in the process of occupation of not only territories, but also the power structures of the Republic. Said: “You, Sergey, as an ethnic Russian should be with us.” Was tempted by the “lucrative posts in the so-called government, other material goods,” – said Kunitsyn.