Before we had food, water and medicine in Kiev there was a parade – interview with major-General Hordiychuk

Пока у нас не было еды, воды и медикаментов в Киеве шел парад - интервью с генерал-майором Гордийчуком

The hero of Ukraine major-General APU Igor Gordiychuk in an exclusive interview with the ICTV Facts told as waiting for reinforcements on independence Day in 2014, as it was awarded at the parade 2016 and why participation in the parade is an honor.

The General-the major of Armed forces of Ukraine Igor Gordiychuk is one of those who first went to the East of the country to protect our independence from the enemy. He commanded the operation for the capture of strategichni the height of the Saur-grave, and during withdrawal from Ilovica was severely wounded. After a long rehabilitation in clinics of the USA returned to Ukraine and now heads the Lyceum. Bohun, educates future military.

Today, November 12, he is 47 years old. The birthday of the Hero of Ukraine, we offer you to read an interview he gave to journalist Facts ICTV Vladimir Mikhailov where he talked about the fact that survived on the front and how it feels now.

On parade 2014

In August 2014 Igor Gordiychuk was in the enemy’s rear. He headed the SWAT team, which took the height of Saur-Grave in the Russian-Ukrainian border. They kept it 12 days, daily reflecting the attacks of the militants.

Leaving the Saur-Tomb, brought the staff and the last left the object.

During one of the attacks was in the truck that blew up. Then he received a severe wound in the head. Only two days later he was hospitalized.

A fierce phase of the battle occurred on 24 August, in Kiev held a parade for independence Day.

I was then the wife says: do You know what parade. But then hard times were – no food, no water, no medical supplies, no ammunition. Almost complete isolation.

She says: here we Have a parade. And I answer: Well, I congratulate you, well done.

I didn’t want my subordinates, or my family felt that we are in a serious conditionhave been suppressed.

The hardest thing was to maintain morale. But it must be done.

I’m always optimistic about any event. Say, Guys, help is coming. Now right there we may have airplanes and helicopters. They fly from all sides.

In reality, it had to be. They understood that we were in complete isolation, and there is heat in July and August. Without water it was impossible for even a day. Then the problems started with food because the canned food that was, began to shoot. There was no medication, and the vast majority of the boys were with concussions. They were morally and physically depressed.

My job was to raise their morale.

About the parade 2016 and rewarding

Two years later, after a long rehabilitation Gordiychuk awarded the title of major-General. The straps he was handed on August 24, 2016 at the parade for independence Day. This event has touched thousands of Ukrainians.

In an interview with ICTV Facts it is recognized that it will be rewarding in independence Day, did not know:

I do not know. I don’t know why, but I said no. I was told that I have to be at the parade – I’ll be there. And that will be awarding the title, I didn’t know. Learned only when I read.

I guess that can be awarded the title, but how is it presented. Many cases when just calling: the Order such and such, number so and so, you has the title. And then, or we come, or come to us and officially handed straps.

But I was still not as well walked as it is now. I had a big stick and I was insured. Now I basically can walk with a little stick.

I then say: you see, in military etiquette to get a drill course I would, but can’t yet. When I returned, the stroller I had, but I declined. I will let the hard and bad to walk, but will be without the psychological dependence on the wheelchair.

I say Try, but if you can, to find me a chair too, because I can stand up to 10 minutes. Especially if the sun. Say – Chair-you will allow.

Was this alternative that may, in the President’s Administration. Psychologically I was ready. The only thing I asked for for secure psychological was the wife.

Maybe I have not specifically told me not to worry. I was there, as well as other invited guests.

It is definitely a pleasant moment. We, the officers careerists. It is a dream to reach the highest ranks. The only thing – unfortunate that such a high price.

The honor to participate in the parade

Gordiychuk recognized, to participate in the parade is an honor for the military, and the so-called box, marching down Khreshchatyk, select the best. Conventionally, he estimates, from 200 thousand military, only four participated in the parade.

For us it’s always an honor to participate in the parade. The vast majority of the military never did. I thought at the Lyceum is not even one-tenth.

30 years calendar, continuous, conscientious service, I only once participated in the parade when he was a student at the National defense University. Then it was the 10th anniversary of independence. It was the first big parade with the aircraft. We’ve practiced.

All the rest – I as guest. Therefore, we appreciate them. Yes, this is tedious. It is hard work, but honorable.

For us, the parade is an opportunity about themselves once again to declare that we are, we are fighting for our freedom and independence. We will defend our civilization.

And this is an opportunity for us to report to you, the Ukrainian people – we have grown ideologically, psychologically, intellectually, physically. And commend you. We’re going to try.

About the Lyceum. Bohun

While Gordiychuk after the injury he was recovering in the USA, he was appointed head of the Kiev military Lyceum named after Ivan Bohun. In April 2016 he began his work. The students of this institution opened parades for independence Day.

Open, because the youngest. This is a good practice.

Why body and soul we put for our freedom? To those who will come after us, were better than us, so they don’t repeat our mistakes. As for children – we want our children to be better than us.

It’s very tiring for them. But they understand that we will pay off with them. Then the others will learn, and they relax. When the parade ends, they rest in September – all the days that they had taken, they returned.

Here, the motivational component, in addition, it is for them a moral uplift. They get the first awards from the Minister of defence, gratitude and a medal for participation in the parade.

See more in a video interview:

Пока у нас не было еды, воды и медикаментов в Киеве шел парад - интервью с генерал-майором Гордийчуком

Пока у нас не было еды, воды и медикаментов в Киеве шел парад - интервью с генерал-майором Гордийчуком

Пока у нас не было еды, воды и медикаментов в Киеве шел парад - интервью с генерал-майором Гордийчуком

Пока у нас не было еды, воды и медикаментов в Киеве шел парад - интервью с генерал-майором Гордийчуком