Beg – protect. Russian military officers tied the Esprit de corps levies

Побирайся - защищай. Офицеров российской армии связала круговая порука поборов

A new way to “Finance” the army needs of the threatened protests by the military.

Despite all the statements of the highest persons of the country about the high Finance of the Russian army and raising the salaries of military personnel, there is reason to believe that things are not so smooth with the financing of the army.

Indeed, the Russian army on a new Victory parade showcases the latest innovations in military technology, but these new ones are too expensive, so the money that is spent from the budget of the Russian army on a new technique to compensate for out of the pockets of officers.

High, thanks to Putin and Shoigu, the salaries of the officers of the Russian military is forced to deduct a certain amount of money for current needs. The military is forced from his own pocket to pay for the copiers, printers and computers. The officers at his own expense procure all the accessories for the form – stripes, chevrons, stars on the epaulets.

All of this may be because of the modest Russian military budget is spent too much money on new equipment, and current needs of military units just don’t have the money.

Russia’s military budget fits in the amount of 64 billion dollars. At first glance, this is a considerable amount of money, but keep in mind that the amount of the state defense order for 2300 new tanks T-14 “Armata” will be 8.9 billion, i.e., almost one-eighth in the defence budget of the country. And then there is su-57, modernization and repair of the only Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, and many other types of modern Russian armored vehicles. When such expenditures for equipment are not surprised that Russian military officers tied the Esprit de corps of levies, due to the need to buy office and computer equipment.

We must not forget that the budget of the French army 2.4 billion exceeds the military budget of Russia. France, like Russia, contains ocean-going Navy with its own aircraft carrier conducts military operations outside of France in Africa and the middle East. While in the French army are 222 thousand people, and 1 million Russian soldiers and about 900 thousand civilians. In this case, it becomes noticeable difference between the way military budgets are distributed in two countries and why the Russian officers are forced to buy all at their own expense.

While the Russian army is forced to exist on the principle of “begging you”, a very great risk of growing dissent among the military. Military – the same people as simple “civil” Russians. They are similarly dissatisfied with pension reform, and Esprit de corps of military levies on everything from copier paper to a shoulder strap for a form can only add a constant “background” dissatisfaction that will feel global social upheaval on a national scale, like the same pension reform. In this case, some analysts predict even the likelihood of a military coup. As you know, the reason the February revolution of 1917, which overthrew Emperor Nicholas II, became the queue for white bread in St. Petersburg, put it on a protracted social crisis. Will purchase form stripes on the same occasion for organized discontent?