Begin with school: promoter Putin said in the “DNR” prepare children killers

Начинают со школы: пропагандист Путина рассказал, как в ''ДНР'' готовят детей-убийц

In terrorist “DNR” children from school to impose the propaganda that leads them after graduation to join the ranks of supporters of the occupiers.

This was written by a Russian propagandist Dmitry Steshin article for “Komsomolskaya Pravda” after visiting the school in the village of Shanka near Donetsk.

He admitted that the education of children in the temporarily occupied territories is conducted according to the programs of the aggressor.

“I learn with surprise that all the textbooks at school Russian program is also no different. Is the graduation class of 11 people. The Director says that all boys want to be soldiers. Shows me the booklet of the Donetsk military school: “One boy in may for 17 years. He says: “Immediately go to war”. They live among soldiers”, – quotes Steshin words of the headmistress-collaborationists.