Beglov inspected work on the landscaping of the Park “Sosnovka”

Беглов проинспектировал работы по благоустройству парка "Сосновка"

Acting Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov checked, as is the improvement of the Park “Sosnovka” in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg, and spoke with local residents. Repair work will end on 31 August.

As reports the edition “news of Neva”, to the beginning of autumn in the “Sosnovka” will be completely renovated track, updated, lawns, installed new equipment on playgrounds, fenced sports area and planted 250 pine trees.

The plan of Park improvement also includes construction of two sports complexes, as well as 14 trainers, football goal and badminton racks.

During the visit, the mayor gave instructions to the local officials. In particular, playgrounds have to be prepared for work in the winter, the Park will have new benches, outdoor sofas and toilet cubicles.

Recall works in the Park “Sosnovka” held in the framework of the project “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”. The city authorities have decided to start to renovate a public space in may, after numerous appeals of citizens.