“Behind the scenes pumped” Moskal told about his condition after the incident live

"За кулисами откачивали": Москаль рассказал о своем состоянии после инцидента в прямом эфире

The politician informed that is already in the house.

The former head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal said about his condition after he became ill on live television broadcast.

Review policy published journalist Vitaly Verb in your Telegram channel.

“This is my blood pressure plummeted. I usually have high blood pressure, and now due to changes in temperature, the pressure fell sharply. I in such cases, the legs are kind of rubbery, walk like a drunk. These days something terrible the weather is. Changing three times a day, and I’m very sensitive to the weather. Now all is well, I’m home. There are not so many until the end of the air remained. 7-10 minutes. Behind the scenes I pumped the doctors, and the Studio just went Medvedchuk. Then I said to him, Viktor Vladimirovich, that would be a movie, if I died in the air your channel”, – transferred words of the Russian journalist.

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