Beijing has closed the markets after the detection of people infected with coronavirus

В Пекине закрыли рынки после выявления заразившихся коронавирусом

Authorities in the Chinese capital on Friday closed a number of wholesale grocery markets in connection with the identification of the city’s two contracted coronavirus infection, who worked in the Main research center of meat production in China. This was reported by local media.

According to the prevailing government order, the competent authorities should also check for the presence of virus all the catering establishments in Beijing, including canteens in schools and nursing homes. In addition, the city administration will pay particular attention to the inspection of companies that are engaged in the supply of meat and seafood.

For the last two days, authorities recorded in the capital, three cases of human infection for the first time in two months. Two of the infected, identified recently, in the last week did not travel outside of Beijing, and reportedly did not communicate with the residents of regions where before there was a major outbreak of the coronavirus.

According to statistics, in all the time in the city had registered 597 patients with coronavirus, of which 584 were recovered, and nine died. Officially in medical institutions of Beijing, there is no one who was infected without symptoms and only four patients.

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