Belarus has besieged from three sides

Белоруссию обложили с трех сторон

To embroil Belarus and Russia trying external forces, not the government of the neighboring country.

In an interview with journalist Konstantin Semin, the correspondent “Politnavigator” said Belarusian political analyst Alexey Jerman.

According to him, Ukraine and the neighboring EU countries are trying to resist the unification of Russia and Belarus, presenting it as an occupation.

“The government does not work on the gap with Russia. But work by external forces. For example, it is no secret that Poland has deployed a network of influence, propaganda. This channel, which exists on government funds, this network of bloggers, they already appear and their telegrams channels. This influence I would not be underestimated. There is Ukraine, which works on the gap to Belarus away from Russia and draws her to him. And the Baltic States”, – said the expert.

“We’re surrounded, in fact, on three sides, very unfriendly States, who do not like our Union, and they are trying any crack to make it so that either Russia occupied Belarus, which causes resentment, confusion, or that Belarusians fully formed, they don’t need to pay attention to is completely Pro-Russian regime. That is, trying to manipulate public opinion, creating a tense atmosphere and the negative” – said Jerman.