Belarus led the top 10 “most drinking” countries: Ukraine rating no

Беларусь возглавила топ-10 "самых пьющих" стран: Украины в рейтинге нет

The publication “World Population Review” published the top 10 countries with the highest levels of alcohol consumption, reports with reference to the material edition.

So, the first place in the rating are occupied by Belarus. According to the publication, every Belarusian, on average, drink of 14.4 liters of pure alcohol per year.

Second place in the rating belongs to Lithuania with the rate of 12.9 L.

Closes the top three antiliberal Grenada (country in the South-Eastern Caribbean sea) with the index at 11.9 L.

The top five also included the Czech Republic (11.8 litres) and France (11.8 litres).

In last place in the ranking of Germany. According to the publication, each German, on average, drinking 11.3 l of pure alcohol per year.

Ukraine is in the top 10 most “drinking” countries were not included.

Recall that according to the rating of “drinking” from the OECD, which includes 45 countries in the world, the primacy belongs to Lithuania, with a consumption of 12.3 liters of alcohol per capita per year.

Also recall that according to state statistics, the average Ukrainian family spends on alcoholic beverages on average 1.2 thousand UAH per month.

As he wrote to the top 5 most reliable manufacturers of quality vodka in Ukraine includes such alcoholic beverage companies as “BAYADERA Group” (TM “Khlebny Dar”), “global spirits” (UDC) (TM “Khortytsya”), “LVN limited” (TM “Nemiroff”), distillery “Prime” (TM “Prime”, “Zhitnik”, “Malinovka”) and OOO “Atlantis” (TM “green day”).