Belarus. Zelensky called on Lukashenka to find “a peaceful and democratic exit”

Беларусь. Зеленский призвал Лукашенко найти "мирный и демократический выход"

14.08.2020, 11:48

The head of state said that Belarus “has always been a good friend and partner of Ukraine”, and the second time after 9 August appealed to its leadership

Ukraine is able to protect its citizens, will always do it, and “strongly wants” to make the Belarusian authorities returned to the home of the detained Ukrainians. So in response to police brutality of the security forces of the regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka said Russian President Vladimir Zelensky. He is in his personal Facebook account halt the Belarusian authorities “to refrain from unlawful detentions and violence.”

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Today was released Yevgeny Vasilyev, Konstantin reutski and Oksana Aleshina. Negotiations about the Roman Szyszko who is kept in the militia Department of Brest.

“Belarus, of course, is now suffering greatly. Looking for a solution and out of a very difficult situation. Every day there are excesses. We really care about. We are really worried about all that is happening in Belarus”, – said Zelensky.

The head of state added that for Ukraine it is important that the citizens of Belarus “found exclusively peaceful and democratic solution of the social and political conflict”. “For Belarus to further develop and was democratic, economically strong and independent nation,” he concluded.

10 Aug Zelensky appealed to Lukashenko: “No dialogue with people, all are fraught with bitter consequences.”

  • 9 August 2020 in Belarus have passed elections. The CEC announced that Lukashenka won (80,08% in Tikhanovski – 10,09%). The opposition acknowledged his victory, and Tikhanovski refused to participate in the protests and went to Lithuania under pressure from the authorities. The country began a revolution.
  • On the night of 14 August, security forces of the regime of Lukashenka dismissed Ukrainian volunteers Reutski and Vasiliev.
  • Ukraine has not yet congratulated Lukashenko on his re-election in the presidential chair. The foreign Ministry noted that they will think about the official reaction after the announcement of the final results of the elections in Belarus.

Беларусь. Зеленский призвал Лукашенко найти "мирный и демократический выход"

Vladimir Zelensky