Bella Hadid boasted body in sheer top: seductive photos

23-year-old American model resting on the Caribbean Islands in the company of the star friends. Among colleagues who went to the resort with a beautiful, models Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls. Bella Hadid showed fans a series of seductive photo with the sea.

Bella Hadid decided to enjoy a luxury holiday to the full. After a grueling screenings and frequent travel, she luxuriates on the beach, enjoy sunsets while walking on the yacht, riding a jet bike and do not forget about the secular outputs in seductive outfits.

For one of the evening walks along the coast of the Caribbean beauty chose a blatant way. She wore white pants and transparent top. Under his model decided not to pick up a bra, showing her breast.

For completing the image, she chose a gold chain and pink sunglasses from the legendary American brand Chrome Hearts. Points “Hellz Bellz” was developed by the celebrity in collaboration with the global label.

Bella Hadid also banishes thoughts about the winter, sunbathing on the sandy beaches in the company of well-known models and with a delicious drink.