Bella Hadid confused network frames from the sexy shoot: video – Lifestyle 24

Белла Хадід збентежила мережу кадрами з сексуальної зйомки: відео - Lifestyle 24

One of the most famous models in the world Bella Hadid is an active blogger, so the daily publishes a lot of personnel from private life. Anticipates star and stylish photo shoots, to which she invited a popular lustres. However, not all photos delight fans of the model.

After a sumptuous presentation of the new collection of Victoria’s Secret, which was held in new York November 8 all the angels with even greater fervor, continued its work. All models star in racy photo shoots and demonstrate the beauty of his body in the network. Not an exception and 22-year-old Bella Hadid.

Recently, the star tried on the spicy shiny swimwear for the magazine, Love Magazine, highlighting her slim figure. Bella Hadid made dark makeup and one image of the collected hair under a latex cap. The model looked quite provocative.

In an interview Bella Hadid admitted that after she reunited with rapper The Weeknd, started to accept who she is. Furthermore, the model remembered the times when he was not happy with his form and exhausting yourself diets.

“I didn’t grow up confident. But for the past two years, while my beloved was beside me, and health was in the best condition, I felt a comfort and accepted myself for who I am,” admitted Bella Hadid.

However, the users of the network in two ways took the shot of Bella Hadid. Most fans of the star noted that she looks too thin, so assumed that the model is suffering from anorexia. “So sad: it tells about the perception of themselves, but she’s just skin and bones,” “How she lost the weight. It’s terrible!”, “Bello, you’re beautiful, but too skinny. What happened, it is necessary to gain at least a few pounds”, “This is a very unhealthy message for young girls” – responded the subscribers of the blog Bella Hadid.

It is worth noting that indeed, the famous swimsuit model looks too thin. And though Bella Hadid often shows that its diet is not very healthy foods, however, the model suggests that celebrities should care about their health.


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