Bella Hadid fueled rumors about the recognition of her lover rapper The Weeknd: video 24 Channel

Белла Хадід підігріла чутки про освідчення її коханого репера The Weeknd: відео - 24 Канал

American model Bella Hadid, which is October 9, celebrated his 22nd birthday, only yesterday held a noisy party. The organizer of the action became beloved Bella Hadid rapper The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye).

First couple of Bella Hadid and canadian rapper The Weeknd staged a festive Breakfast, followed by a walk down Broadway. After that, they went to the French Laduree shop, where the bell soon brought a large bag of sweets. The pair hugged, held hands, and did not restrain their emotions in front of reporters and fans.

The evening was zaplanowac another surprise. The Weeknd and closest friends Bella gave her a festive event in Manhattan, new York. All night the company of friends and family having fun in a luxurious place, and in the end gave Belle a huge five-tiered cake, decorated with edible butterflies and sparkling diamonds.

But the best gift for Bella Hadid was expecting later. On one of the videos of friends, which was subsequently published fan-group model, it is possible to see around Bella and The Weeknd shout loudly and rejoice when a girl hugs a rapper holding a mysterious box. Fans speculated that it was a confession. Besides, the older sister of model Gigi Hadid on the eve of the birthday of Bella has published a mysterious post, which said that he knew about a special surprise on your birthday.

Though the official pdfengine this video, no, but fans of the pair are sure they was a proposal of marriage from Abel Tesfaye.

Recall that The Weeknd and Bella Hadid had a relationship for 1.5 years. The singer had an affair with singer Selena Gomez for almost a year and met her. However, this relationship did not continue. Selena broke up with 28-year-old performer returning to her ex-lover Justin Bieber, which subsequently broke up, too.

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