Bellingcat said the cooperation of “Azov” American extremists

Bellingcat заявил о сотрудничестве "Азова" с американскими экстремистами

Far-right Ukrainian movement “Azov” is looking for supporters and lobbyists in the United States and hopes to establish contacts with the us military, said in a Bellingcat investigation.

Representatives of the Ukrainian “Azov” battalion (now a regiment of the National guard of Ukraine “Azov”) systematically cooperate with the American right-wing extremists to advance its own international agenda. This is stated in the investigation Bellingcat, published 15 Feb.

International Secretary of the National Body responsible for the global strategy of “Azov”, Bellingcat said that the movement is looking for potential supporters and lobbyists in the United States, and hopes to “establish contacts with the us military”.

The publication States that “Azov” was in contact including the late Andrei Onischuk, member of the American neo-Nazi organization Atomwaffen Division.

“In the podcast “Azov” Onischuk discussed the problems faced by Americans who wanted to join the “Azov” and expressed interest in exploring methods of attracting young people to nationalism in America. He offered to try to join the “Azov”, writes Bellingcat.

The political wing of the “Azov”, national Corps supported the call for a citizen of Norway, “national socialist revolutionary” Joachim Burholme, to send the American right into Ukraine to counter Russian aggression. Thus the American right could purchase military and other practical experience that subsequently could be used in the United States. Furuholm also spoke at the rally National corpus near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in September 2018.

Bellingcat also claims to have evidence of contacts of the National housing alleged former members of the United States, who are currently in Ukraine. In particular, presumably a veteran of the US army “Alex” on the American white nationalist podcast said about the ease with which you can take part in the war in Ukraine. And alleged veteran of the US Navy “Sean Erwood” currently enlisted in the Armed forces of Ukraine and liaises with the National body. Erwood arrived in Ukraine in early 2018.

In may 2014, was launched podcast “Azov” called “the basics of FM Radio”, aimed at nationalists in Ukraine and abroad. Over the years the podcast showed an interview with far-right figures from Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Slovakia, Sweden, Canada and the United States.

Bellingcat notes that “Azov” promotes the idea of “global conservative revolution” and attempts to create a coalition of the radical Western right-wing.

Special purpose battalion “Azov” was formed in may 2014 in Mariupol. In November of the same year, the battalion was absorbed into the structure of the national guard. Later the unit was expanded to a regiment.

Law on budgetary funding from the United States to 2018 contains a clause prohibiting the granting of any assistance regiment “Azov”. Some congressmen called this unit a neo-Nazi.