Bellingcat: the men “PMC Wagner” receive the passport with the GRU

Bellingcat: бойцы "ЧВК Вагнера" получают паспорта с сотрудниками ГРУ

The investigative group is Bellingcat confirmed the data of the security Service of Ukraine that the passports of the mercenaries of the so-called “private military company Wagner” gave the same office of the FMS where they received their passports employees of the GRU and the Ministry of defence.

Investigators made the passport numbers presented in the SBU database domestic flights. According to Bellingcat, passport holders flying regularly to Krasnodar. It is alleged that near the airport is a training camp of the Russian mercenaries. Staff Bellingcat believe that holders of passports can be associated with “PMC Wagner.”

Investigators are reminded that their evidence is indirect.

Users of social networks reported earlier that the office of the Federal migration service 770-001, which are claimed to be regularly used by the security services, used for issuing foreign and internal passports to citizens of Russia under the accelerated procedure.

In late January, the security Service of Ukraine published data, more than a hundred Russian citizens who, according to the Agency, are fighters, “PMC Wagner.”

Media sponsor called “PMC Wagner” businessman Eugene Prigogine, known as “Putin’s cook”. Structure of the entrepreneur in recent years, receiving large contracts from the Ministry of defense of Russia.

Russia criminalizes mercenary activities. Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that “PMC Wagner” does not exist.