Belosarayskoy spit the more you relax, the less you pay: check for yourself

На Белосарайской косе чем больше отдыхаешь, тем меньше платишь: проверено на себе

At one of the resorts of the Azov coast, belosarayskoy spit, rest every year tens of thousands of tourists. Vacation for a family will cost UAH 10 thousand how many days you get to spend the sea for the money, depends on the conditions of accommodation, distance from the sea, nutrition.

Bilosarais’ka Kosa is a sandy area slightly more than 4 sq. km. At the sea – boarding houses, hotels and rooms for tourists – from economy to suites. The average cost of a vacation this year, according to estimates of landlords, increased by 10%. The price depends on the location and condition of housing. The closer to the sea, the more expensive.

One of the cheapest rooms on the Peninsula in the boarding house for rent in 80 UAH per person. No air conditioning, shower and toilet on the street. There is Parking and a grill area. The sea is 300 m. According to the administrator, the room has a bed, TV, fridge, gas oven.

The boarding house is resting Tatiana. According to her calculations, a week vacation of 4 adults and 3 children cost 10 thousand UAH. says it is on economy mode, but the conditions vacationers happy.

“We are here not for the first year and the rest, everything is fine, all is well. For small children there is a well, water is warm in the evening,” says Tatiana.

More expensive option – a hotel on the beach. Offer accommodation, and meals. Three meals a day – from 500 UAH per night per family. Accommodation is 800-900 UAH for one room. Some rooms overlook the sea. Two-bedroom will cost 1,200 UAH.

Luxury is the name of belosarayskoy spit is 1.5 thousand UAH per day in villas close to the protected area. The rooms are spacious, the food – on an individual menu for guests – two swimming pools and the sea from two sides. 10 ths family will be enough for 5 days of “luxury” vacation.

For the same money, but in more modest terms, if you enjoy the sea, in economy mode – two weeks to belosarayskoy spit.