Beneath the surface of the moon, discovered a mysterious giant object – scientists

Под поверхностью Луны обнаружен загадочный гигантский объект, - ученые

In the center of the moon scientists have discovered a massive object, which is under the surface of the satellite. Reported by the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

According to the study, the pool South pole – Aitken, which is the largest known craters of the moon hides a lot of $ 2.1 trillion kilograms.

“Imagine that you take a pile of metal five times larger than the island of Hawaii, and buried it under the ground. It’s about the same as we found on the moon,” said study author Peter B. James.

The researchers used different sets of data received from the spacecraft, which measure gravity around the moon, and compared them with maps of its surface. As a result, they found a dense metallic mass at the bottom of the pool.

James with his team suggest that the metal in the mantle of the moon is the remnants of an asteroid that left a crater about 4 billion years ago. According to scientists, if their guesses are confirmed, the discovery could be a “time machine” for those who study the Universe.

“The pool is one of the best natural laboratories to study the catastrophic effects of an ancient process that has shaped all of the rocky planets and moons that we see today,” said James.

Found the crater cannot be seen from Earth, as it is almost on the opposite side of the moon.