Benefits of soup: the answer nutritionists

Чем полезен суп: ответ диетологов

Entrees are useful to the human body due to the effect of extraneous elements. This was told by the nutritionists, reports

The first dish is able to greatly improve the digestive process due to the huge number of nutrients. It is necessary to know what the broth should cook using meat without fat, or use for making vegetable-based, if there is an aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

There is nothing wrong with the habit to wash down the food with any products like a compote. This may not have great impact on the procedure of digestion. At presence of diseases of the digestive organs, especially in acute cases, are recommended not to drink alcohol, even in small amounts. They increase the secretion in the stomach, and it only accelerates the action of the disease.

There are some disadvantages of these dishes. For example, during a meal the liquid can dilute the gastric juice, which affects the digestion. Heat treatment reduces the amount of nutrients in the food at high temperatures, the vitamins are destroyed.

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