Bentley has offered new options for the Bentayga

Bentley предложил новые опции для Bentayga

Since the premiere of the updated Bentley Bentayga has been more than a month, but the manufacturer of the CRU continues to talk in detail about what has changed in the SUV. Now it came to options.

New accessories for “Bentayga” divided into four thematic packages: for the exterior, interior, comfort travel and enhance security. You can also order kits and individual items.

Among these innovations is the carbon fiber decor, bike carriers, set of suitcases and bags, cushions for the back row. Of special note is the titanium Akrapovic exhaust system with four oval paired nozzles on the pipe. It is designed to make it even more exciting sound of the 4.0-liter 550-horsepower V8. By the way, it’s still the only engine that is currently available, the redesigned crossover.

As previously reported, the first Russian buyers of the updated Bentley Bentayga will arrive in the fourth quarter of this year.