Bentley optimizes costs: the work will lose a quarter of employees

Bentley оптимизирует расходы: работы лишится четверть сотрудников

The British claim all of that and went. A pandemic coronavirus only accelerated the inevitable.

A famous name and a rich heritage does not guarantee the selected band in a clear tomorrow – and the events of recent months are a clear example. After McLaren and Aston Martin with the reshaping of the structure and business model will take the guys from Bentley: the British “put on Christmas” for a thousand employees – about a quarter of the entire state.

According to Executive Director Adrian Hallmark of Bentley, it is a “difficult but necessary step to ensure the remaining jobs and to create conditions for the further development of the brand”.

All abbreviations will offer generous compensation in accordance with experience, age and qualifications. In addition, Bentley agrees to pay former employees courses career guidance.