Berinchyk in the bright battle to defeat Lopez Moreno and the second time he defended his title

Беринчик в ярком бою победил Лопеса Морено и во второй раз защитил свой титул

Ukrainian boxer Denis Berinchik the second time defended the title of International champion under version WBO in the lightweight division. In Brovary Berinchyk in the bright match won Lopez Moreno of Mexico.

The first round of competition was held on the initiative of the Ukrainian. Denis pressed Mexican, actively working the jab and several times hit the opponent’s head. Berinchyk quickly found the optimal distance. In the second round Denis several times and emptied his gun right. Moreno barely caught the opponent’s uppercut. The round went to the Ukrainian.

Berinchyk was light on his feet and had the shock position. In the third round, Denis missed a few punches from the Mexican puncher. Berinchyk is also several times “found” the jaw of the opponent.

In the fourth round Denis calmed down a bit, and the pace was not so high. Denis moved a lot, but it was difficult to find a position to strike. Lopez Moreno acted properly in defense.

31-year-old Ukrainian in the middle of the 5th round of powerful direct rules found the chin of the Mexican, but the opponent has stood the blow. At the end of a three-minute Dennis got the right side forward. The equator of the fight also took place with the dominance of Berinchyk, who continued to attack and again were stunned by Moreno several “juicy” shots.

In the seventh round lópez Moreno not found counter the Ukrainian, who was moving faster and looked more fresh. The Mexican missed a few punches, but Denis couldn’t send the opponent at least a knockdown. The next round does not fundamentally differ from the previous ones: the Ukrainian dominated, and Moreno was on the defensive. At the end of the protection Denis slipped and fell – not down!

In the middle of the ninth round has fallen Mexican, but it was not a knockdown. The only thing you can praise in Moreno stamina and strong chin. The Mexican continued to withstand the barrage of attacks Denis, miraculously staying upright. The tenth round was the most equal and careful in the performance of both fighters.

In the middle of the 11th round Denis “pinned” Lopez Moreno to the ropes and tried to “help” the Mexican to take a horizontal position. In vain! Overall, Moreno has continued to take heavy blows and accidentally, or intentionally spitting out the mouthpiece. Moving breath Mexican survived another round.

In the last round Berinchyk gave their all to knock out the Mexican. Lopez Moreno passed hard blows to the face and body, but survived. Denis won by unanimous decision: 120:108, 120:108, 120:109.