Berinchyk wants to fight for the WBO title and is ready to meet with Lomachenko

Беринчик хочет бой за титул WBO и готов встретиться с Ломаченко

The winner of the WBO International Denis Berinchyk (10-0, 7 KO’s) voiced serious ambitions after another victory.

On Saturday evening, 20th April, Ukrainian in Kiev the decision of judges has won the Japanese nihito Arakawa.

I want to say that we are slowly creeping to the official applicant. Vasyl Lomachenko, we slowly go for you. In any case, Ukraine will receive a champion
– said after the fight Berinchyk.

Vasyl Lomachenko is the current world champion in the easiest weight category, WBA and WBO. At the moment his last fight Lomachenko held 12 April and harshly knocked out Briton Anthony Kroll.

At the same time the promoter of the Berinchyk has made a statement regarding the fight of his ward with Lomachenko. He said Berinchyk will be displayed on the battle for the title of world champion in the lightweight division.

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