Berinchyk will get a fight for a belt of the champion of the world: the promoter called the conditions

Беринчик получит бой за пояс чемпиона мира: промоутер назвал условия

The holder of the belt WBO International lightweight champion Ukrainian Denys Berinchyk in 2019 can obtain the status of mandatory Challenger to fight champion of the world. The promoter of Ukrainian Alexander Krasyuk told that Berinchyk have to do for this.

In 2019 Berinchyk will hold 2-4 fights, that it is necessary to win.

This year he will spend at least two, and ideally four fights. He asks me about the three duels and I have to give him that number.
I hope everything works out and the next match will take place on April 20. We have already scheduled shows in the “sports Palace”. Negotiations are underway with potential rivals Denys Berinchyk. Our matchmeyker working to pick up an opponent from the top 15 ranking. So we have a reasonable desire soon to bring Denys Berinchyk on the status of mandatory Challenger,
– Bernicia quoted by Boxing Scene.

“First we need to find him an opponent from the top 15 ranking. At the moment, Berinchyk – holder of the belt WBO International and 11th rank number. As soon as he wins the boxer from the top 15, then immediately fall into the top five – those are the rules. Well, after the second protection their belt, depending on the quality of the victory, Berinchyk can rise to the status of mandatory Challenger. All that is required from David – win,” said Krasyuk.

The last fight Berinchyk was the fight against the Filipino Rosci Cristobal December 22. The Ukrainian won a technical knockout and won the belt of the international champion in easy weight under version WBO International.

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