Berlin expects acceleration of reforms in Ukraine – diplomat

Берлин ожидает ускорения реформ в Украине - дипломат

Berlin will continue to support Ukraine on the path of reform, but in Germany, expect reforms in a number of areas will be accelerated.

This was said in a conversation with UKRINFORM’s special representative on Ukraine in the German foreign Ministry Jean-Pierre Froehly.

“I believe that our main challenge is continuing to support Ukraine on the way of its approximation to Europe, to the EU. And at the same time continued its internal reform process,” said Froehly.

He believes that will help in this task by the German presidency in the EU Council in the second half of the year.

At the same time, the diplomat drew attention to the existing terms of the Berlin problem. It is, in his words, “the need for more active action in implementing reforms, especially in reforming the legal system, fighting corruption”.

“We are anxiously watching what is still initiated enough reforms, especially in regard to the requirements of the Venice Commission, reform of the courts, of the different structures and organs of self-government. We believe that we need to do more in these areas, and we are ready to support,” said Froehly.

He assured that Germany’s relations with Ukraine are very important.

Special envoy on Ukraine in the German foreign Ministry Froehly is going to visit Ukraine as soon as “circumstances permit”. The last time the diplomat was in Kiev in 2014, previously worked at the German Embassy in Ukraine from 2005 to 2009.

Froehly was appointed special envoy for Ukraine in early June. In his headquarters 11 diplomats.

The post of special representative was created in the German foreign Ministry in mid-2014, after the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Before that it was 3 diplomat.