Besarab: the Role of Medvedchuk in Ukrainian politics significant

Бессараб: Роль Медведчука в украинской политике значительна

The role of the politician Viktor Medvedchuk in the negotiations of Ukraine with Russia is significant. Comments about this “Radio Liberty” said political analyst Michael Bessarab.

This role is significant. And the importance of Medvedchuk surrounded by Poroshenko talks starting in 2014. Moreover, I have to say that the person of Medvedchuk became a key factor in the decline in the popularity and credibility of Poroshenko, primarily in expert circles, and then in the broader circles of Ukrainians”, – said the analyst.

He recalled that Poroshenko recently appealed to the security service with the request about necessity of removal of Viktor Medvedchuk from the process for the exchange of detained persons.

“It was, to me, inadequate reaction to reality. It is unlikely that anything will change. Poroshenko with Medvedchuk set the stage for a very unpleasant assumptions. Medvedchuk… actually acknowledges that he is the negotiator from the Russian side… I am more than confident that whoever became President of Ukraine, Medvedchuk will be very difficult to take a high official position in Ukraine”, – said Bessarab.