Bethesda has released the fifth major update for Fallout 76 sea hotfix

Bethesda выпустила пятое крупное обновление для Fallout 76 с морем исправлений

Fallout 76 was a disaster for developers, but Bethesda doesn’t give up – today before the game got already the fifth major update that fixes numerous problems.

On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One recent update takes about 3.5 GB, and the PC is significantly less – around 500 MB. Among the changes developers have identified improved performance of game elements and increased stability of the client and server parts. Below you can read the most significant changes that the developers have provided detailed descriptions.

So Bethesda decided that the ability “Expert bomber”, the “White knight” and “Plumber license” was too powerful. Therefore, they now will slow down the wear items on a 20 %/40 %/60 % instead of 30 %/60 %/90 %. In addition, the reduction in the cost of repair of these “skills” have ceased to be as effective as before, this index now corresponds to the “Power patch”.

Flew to the basket and obscenely high weapon damage with the divalent legendary effect – now an explosive modification increases the damage not 100 % of the base, and only 25 %.

Plus an explosive legendary modification will not work to fasten the flamethrowers, cryostore, plasma and laser weapons. Here, the developers noticed that these guns, in fact, do not let any of the shells, and hence this add-in looks ridiculous on them.

One of the most important corrections touched the maximum portable load. The new limit will not allow you to have more than 1 500 pounds beyond the maximum load of the character. Bethesda have added this patch improve the performance of the servers Fallout 76. In addition, the innovation will help to balance the game economy.

The patch contains many more changes related to jobs, camps, PvP, different errors, objects and not only. To see the impressive list here.

Bethesda выпустила пятое крупное обновление для Fallout 76 с морем исправлений