Better standing than lying! The doctors said that it kills men’s health

Лучше стоячий, чем лежачий! Врачи рассказали, что убивает мужское здоровье

Relations between spouses does not always go smoothly, the couple often quarrel, the accumulated resentment of the partners. It turned out that a conflict situation it is important to decide not only to save the relationship, but to have a partner not any further health problems.

The researchers analyzed the relationship between the partners and told how quarrels affect male potency, says

It turned out that the frequency of quarrels and their contents have a negative impact on the male libido. It turns out that harmony in relationships is not only a psychological comfort.

Recent studies show that the accumulated grievances and claims between the partners, alienate loved ones, and also negatively affect the sexual relationship between partners. Therefore, men who live long in this environment, you may experience problems with potency.

The scientists believe that no matter what the reason between the couple occur argument or how passionately this process occurs, the result is the same – in terms of sexuality men it only hurts.

To my beloved man survived the fight without stress, researchers are advised to praise it, to encourage and raise self-esteem. You must also try to be patient and to restrain their emotions, to be able to smooth out conflicts.

It is also worth to emphasize the courage of her lover and his social significance, it will help him to lighten the mood and sexual relationship between partners is less affected.

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Лучше стоячий, чем лежачий! Врачи рассказали, что убивает мужское здоровье