“Better than the dogs of the Soviet power!” Matios defeated fellow countrymen in revolts against evacuated from Wuhan

"Не лучше от псов советской власти!" Матиос разгромила земляков за бунты против эвакуированных из Уханя

Writer and political activist Maria Matios criticized the attitude of the Ukrainians who rebelled against the arrival to Ukraine, our countrymen, are evacuated from the epicenter of the coronavirus – the Chinese city of Wuhan and Hubei province.

She stressed that it is not surprised by the behavior of the current government, however, does not understand what could suddenly happen with our “kind, compassionate, pious” people. Relevant post famous Ukrainian shared on his page in the social network.

“Today, thousands remember the shootings of 20 February on the Maidan. Of burning candles. Some even let the fake tears. Go to Church to pray for the innocent victims. Over Ukraine and today Floats Kacha… And at the same time, these “hearty” people are stunned in their intolerance to their compatriots who return from China. Not-in-Fi-TSI-ro-van-tion”, – said Matios, quoted by the Browser.

The writer noted that despite the coronavirus, which, fortunately, in Ukraine only speak, but do not see it, in the same villages and towns, where are a potential reception centres for evacuees quarantine, rampant epidemic of tuberculosis, alcoholism, drug addiction, STDs… However, against these diseases, and they infect people do not protest.

“No one thinks that on Board that plane – someone’s parents, someone’s children, native people. Our people!” – powerful Matios appealed to the countrymen.

According to her, citizens who are ready to burn tires under spas, is no better than “dogs of the Soviet power” who “smoked” from Western Ukraine who was returning from the Siberian and the Kolyma camps.

“By the way, its representatives were often not Muscovites, and its village people – neighbors and even relatives of former repressed. And often they have been the most intolerant of their countrymen, who were returning after the political prison stints. Not my idea – the archives confirm,” – said the writer.

In the end, she urged Ukrainians to be conscious and to be human in such a difficult time for the country.

“In the sanatorium “Medobory” in Konopkivka Ternopil region 2003 I wrote the first Chapter of “Sweet Drusi”. This village is connected with the family of Stepan Bandera. Yes, and other places where something like this happens, at least nationally conscious. And conscious you?!” – a PostScript added Matios.