Between the disasters of two Boeing 737 discovered the similarities

Между катастрофами двух Боингов-737 обнаружено сходство

The Minister of transport of Ethiopia said about the similarities between the crash in Ethiopia and the fall of the Boeing 737 Max airline Lion Air in Indonesia. According to the Minister, the similarity can be seen after decrypting the first data flight recorders.

In Ethiopia and Kenya held a farewell to the dead passengers of the liner of Ethiopian Airlines that crashed on March 10. Killed 157 people, among whom were citizens of 35 countries, three of them Russians.

Relatives and friends of the 12 victims from Ethiopia gathered at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the capital, Addis Ababa. Some coffins were ground with ashes from the place of accident, so as to locate the bodies of all the victims is not possible. Families reported that the identification of the remains could take up to six months.

After the disaster on March 10 in several countries have been suspended, the operation of aircraft models Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9. According to the Minister of transport of Ethiopia, the investigation of causes of accident of the new liner will take a long time.