Beware of Scam: the scammers asked for money to return the deposits in the failed Bank

Осторожно, лохотрон: мошенники предлагают за деньги вернуть вклады в банках-банкротах

The Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl) has warned about the fraudulent actions of some companies who deliberately mislead their customers for a fee their “assistance” in the return of funds to creditors of insolvent banks, in particular, depositors of 200+ persons and legal entities.

As the press service of the Fund, the guarantee Fund encourages lenders to be prudent and to refrain from paying for such “services”.

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DGF recalls that the satisfaction of creditors is carried out without intermediaries and only defined by law, by: with funds received from the management and sale of assets of insolvent banks.

The priority of satisfaction of creditor’s claims is defined by article 52 of the law of Ukraine “About system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals”.

NBU has introduced a new anti-crisis measures to support the banks

So, for the fourth stage of the register of creditors included claims of physical persons and sole traders who are not related parties of the Bank and the funds which exceed the guaranteed amount of 200 thousand UAH.

With regard to legal persons, that their funds is compensated into seventh place. The claims of each subsequent turn are satisfied after full satisfaction of the previous turn.

“Please note: if, while satisfying creditor claims the funds returned to the account of the insolvent Bank in connection with the Bank details of the creditor, the Fund transfers such proceeds to the Deposit of the notary. So, for 2019 and 5 months, the year 2020 was carried out enumeration on Deposit to the notary about 76 million UAH belonging to the creditors. On the receipt of cash, the notary shall notify the creditors, and at their request gives out a cash amount. Such funds notaries keep in your accounts until you contact the owner for them, but not more than three years”, – stated in the message.

From the beginning of 2020, the Fund paid the creditors in total, 4.3 billion UAH, in particular:

– fully repaid the claims of creditors of the fourth stage of PJSC “VTB Bank”, is preparing for the beginning of the creditors of the sixth and seventh stages;

up to 87% are satisfied with the claims of creditors of the fourth stage of PJSC “Diamantbank”;

fully satisfied the claims of the creditors of the seventh stage of PJSC “Bank “unison”;

– paid up to 39% of the money in satisfaction of requirements of creditors of the seventh stage of PJSC “Ukrbusinessbank”;

– 7% of the total amount of accepted claims paid to the creditors of the seventh stage of PJSC “Kreditprombank”;

– 54% of the funds paid to creditors of the seventh stage of JSC “NC Bank”.

The guarantee Fund completes sale of assets of bankrupt Delta Bank

Thus, from the beginning of 2020, the creditors of insolvent banks the fourth stage received 472 million UAH seventh phase 153 million UAH.

The Fund added that to ensure the maximum level of payments to creditors of the Fund takes all measures envisaged by law.