Biathlon: Assistant ranked in the top 20 at the European Championships in the sprint, won tarjei boe

Биатлон: Подручный попал в топ-20 на чемпионате Европы в спринте, победил Тарьей Бё

On February 23, Belarusian Raubichi male sprint continued the championship of Europe-2019 biathlon.

Winning the race was won by the Norwegian tarjei boe, who missed once, but due to the high speed of the race was able to show the best results.

Second went to Sweden’s Jesper nelin, who has never made a mistake in shooting, but lost Be-the eldest of 10.6 seconds. The top three was closed by the Russian Dmitry Malyshko. As nelin, he distinguished “pure” shooting, but lost by over 30 seconds.

In the Ukrainian team the best tradition became Dmitry Improvised, which is perfectly started the race, and after the first firing line was among the leaders. But two mistakes in the rack stripped of Dmitry chances for medals. The result is Improvised – the 18th behind the top three just for half a minute.

Among other Ukrainians – in Prima 26, Tkalenko 33rd position, and Semenov showed 41st time at the finish. Tishchenko stopped just a step away from the pursuit, losing 60 place 0.4 seconds, and Lasuco to get into a pursuit largely prevented problems with the rifle that occurred in prone.

At 13:00 at the start of the sprint will be-women, on Sunday, the championship will complete pursuit.

1. Tarjei Boe (1+0) 21:40.1
2. Jesper Nelin (0+0) +10,6
3. Dmitry Malyshko (0+0) +35,2

18. Dmitry Improvised (0+2) +1:04,2
26. Grossegger (1+1) +1:19,4
33. Ruslan Tkalenko (1+1) +1:30,1
41. Sergey Semenov (0+1) +1:37.8 C
61. Artem Tishchenko (0+2) +2:07,7
90. Taras Lesyuk (2+1) +3:23,5

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