Biathlon: Boe won the sprint in Kontiolahti, Ukrainian Pidruchny – 19th

In Kontiolahti (Finland) started the 8-th stage of the biathlon world Cup. The first start out of the men who competed in the sprint race.

Race results

1. Johannes Bø (Norway)
2. Martin Fourcade (France)
3. Emilien Jaklen (France)

19. Pidruchnuy Dmytro (Ukraine)
22. Pryma Artem
58. Ruslan Tkalenko
72. Anton Dudchenko
81. Sergey Semenov

The fight for the victory

Ultra-fast Norwegian biathlete Johannes boe won another victory in the world Cup. The be a pure shot in two loops and left no chance for the opponents.

The fight for the remaining places on the podium took place between French and Norwegian biathletes. In particular, the prize was claimed by Martin Fourcade, Emilien Jacklin, the Willow Hosted Kristiansen and Tarja be.

In the end, the silver sprint went to overall leader Martin Fourcade. Bronze award at the Korean Galena.

How did the Ukrainians

The best time in the sprint among Ukrainians demonstrated Dmitry Pidruchny. The leader of the Ukrainian team made one mistake and took 19 th place.

Grossegger despite clean shooting showed the 22nd time. Ruslan Tkalenko because of two penalties overcome the extra 300 meters and finished 58. This result will allow Ukrainians to compete in the pursuit race.

Just one mistake made Anton Dudchenko. But because of the relatively low speed Ukrainians took only 72-th place.

As many as four penalties made Sergei Semenov, which did not allow the Ukrainians to qualify for the pursuit. Semenov has occupied 81-e a place.

Dudchenko and Semenov is not ranked in the top 60 and miss the pursuit.