Biathlon: fantastically Johannes boe won the sprint in Nove mesto, the Ukrainians failed race

In the Czech Nove mesto is 7-th stage of the biathlon world Cup. On March 6, the distance of the sprint race came men.

Race results

1. Johannes Bø 24: 56.8
2. Fillon Maillet Quentin + 22.8
3. Tarjei Boe +1:01.1

24. Semenov Serhiy +2:18.5
35. Dmitry Pidruchny +2:30.6
48. Anton Dudchenko +2:59.5
49. Pryma Artem +3:00.8

On this day in Nove mesto, there was almost no wind, so the conditions for shooting were perfect. However the snow on the course was more like porridge.

In such circumstances, quite expectedly won the Norwegian garanichev Evgeniy, who addressesa “zero” and was high speed. Also shooting clean finished second representative of France’s Quentin Fillon Maya, after losing the eminent Norwegian 22 seconds.

The third place took the eldest of the brothers of be – Tarja (0 misses and a minute gap from the Johannes). The world Cup leader in biathlon, Frenchman Martin Fourcade, with one penalty, finished sixth.

How was the race for Ukraine

The best among Ukrainians was made by Sergey Semenov. He made fewer mistakes (2) and was able to finish the 24th, losing to the winner of 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

For the captain of the national team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchna the sprint race was a disaster. Two shooting Ukrainian made 3 mistakes and finished only 35th place.

Another Ukrainian pryma Artem on legkoatletka clean, but 3 misses on the rack was thrown all the chances of even getting into the top 20. In the end, Artem finished 49th. Anton Dudchenko only 1 blunder has lost the leader a bit less than three minutes and finished just above the Prima 49th.