Biathlon: Gabriela won the sprint race in Pokljuka, Behind – the top 10 – 24 Channel

Біатлон: Макаряйнен перемогла у спринтерській гонці в Поклюці, Підгрушна – у топ-10 - 24 Канал

In Slovenian Pokljuka hosted the women’s sprint at the first stage of the biathlon world Cup. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians failed to catch even the flower ceremony.

Victory in this race was won by the Finn Kaisa mäkäräinen, which in the individual race sensationally four penalties. The second became an eminent Italian Dorothea Wierer, losing Finke 14.8 seconds. The third is French Justin Breza (+42,1).

Three of the five Ukrainian biathletes shot clean, but they simply did not have enough speed speed. Higher among Ukrainians was Olena Pidhrushna, which is just 0.1 of a second lost flower ceremony (7th place).

Recall that in the men’s race in Pokljuka landslide victory won the Norwegian Johannes boe. The highest among Ukrainians was Sergey prima (13).

The results of the women’s sprint in Pokljuka

1. Kaisa Mäkäräinen (0+0) – 20:08.1
2. Dorothea Wierer (0+0) +14.8
3. Justin Breza (0+0) +42.1

7. Olena Pidhrushna (0+0) +49.0
20. Julia Jim (0+0) +1:15.1
25. Valentina Semerenko (0+0) +1:22.7
46. Anastasiya Merkushyna (0+1) +1:50.8
85. Yuliya Zhuravok (1+0) +3:33.2

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