Biathlon in Canada due to the severe frosts canceled mass start at the world Cup

Биатлон: в Канаде из-за сильных морозов отменили масс-старты на этапе Кубка мира

Due to the severe frosts of the mass starts on the 7th stage of the biathlon world Cup in Canmore (Canada) will replace the sprints.

The cold in Canada has reached more than minus 30 degrees. About it reports a press-service of the IBU.

Due to the cold weather in Canada, the organizers of the stage in Kenmore was forced to change the competition programme. The organizers decided to replace the mass starts into sprints. Thus, the men is 15 km will run 10 km and women 12.5 km instead of 7.5 km,
– stated in the message.

Informed Sport 24 wrote that from-for strong frosts the length of the distance male “independents” in Kenmore will be 15 km instead of 20, women– 12.5 km instead of 15

Stage of the biathlon world Cup starts in Kenmore on Thursday, February 7. At 21:20 will start the men’s individual race, and 23.55 – female.

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