Biathlon: Julia Jim finished 14th in the individual race in Pokljuka, defeated Denis Herrmann

Ukrainian biathlete managed to win awards in the individual race at the world Cup stage in Pokljuka.

The winner was German Denis Herrmann. She made no misses at four loops and finished with a time of 41:of 33.4.

Just one mistake cost a first-place Swede Hanna öberg. She made one inaccurate shot, for which he received a penalty minute, and at the finish lost to the opponent is 59.2 seconds. Third went to France’s anais Bescond. She also shot clean but was 1:15,7. At the finish of the Frenchwoman won the fight for the bronze medal in the Italian Lisa Vittozzi.

As for Ukrainian women, the best result was shown by Yulia Jim. She was wrong on the first and fourth loops, and with a time of 3:35,2 showed 14-th result. However, it is not guaranteed to hit Jim in the mass start in Pokljuka – Ukrainian first replacement, so their participation will know on Sunday, January 26.

Two more Ukrainian women finished in the end zone – Anastasiya Merkushyna (0+0+2+1, +5:43,7) and Olena Pidhrushna (1+1+0+1, +5:54,9). Four penalties did Yulia Zhuravok and Daria Blashko. They are 68-a and 77 a, respectively.