Biathlon: Olga in a dramatic race won Eckhoff big Crystal globe

Women’s the pursuit ended biathlon season 2019/2020. Victory in Kontiolahti (Finland) vyborola French Julia Simon. The large Crystal globe went to Italian Dorothea Wierer.

Race results

1. Julia Simon (France)
2. Selina Gasparin (Switzerland)
3. Lisa Vittozzi (Italy)

23. Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine)
30. Valentina Semerenko
35. Vita Semerenko

Fight for awards

As men, in the women’s race at stake stood a large Crystal globe. Before the race, Italy’s Dorothea Wierer won the Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff only 8 points.

The advantage of the Norwegians was that she started the third, Wearer – only 19th. The first race started, the German Denise Herrmann, who won the sprint.

After the first shooting the lead in the race captured Franziska Preuss, who worked cleanly. Herrmann dropped to second place, after running 300 meters of the penalty.

According to the results of the second shooting, intrigue spun even more. Preuss and Herrmann went as much as 4 penalties. Has become the leader Market David.

After the third shooting, where the shooting range again raging wind of David had three targets. Thus, the first from the stadium came Eckhoff, who has closed all 5 targets.

Her greatest rival Olga went to two penalties, so almost turned off from the fight for the big Crystal. Second were the French Julia Simon.

At the last shooting purely worked for Julia Simon. French with a comfortable advantage won the last race of the season.

At the same time, Eckhoff gave a chance Wierer, having gone to three penalties.

The Italian Wearer not closed one target and finished just behind Eckhoff. This allowed the Wearer to win the big Crystal globe.

Second in the race was the Swiss Selina Gasparin, and the third the Italian Lisa Vittozzi. Fourth in the race finished Kaisa Makarainen, who announced his retirement.

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