Biathlon: Semerenko finished in the Top 10 thanks to an incredible breakthrough, Eckhoff won again

In Ruhpolding, Germany hosted the women’s pursuit in the framework of the 5th stage of the world Cup. Winning the race was won by Norwegian biathlete Tiril Eckhoff.

The Norwegian Eckhoff 40 seconds ahead of Pauline Fialkova and scored a Golden double in Ruhpolding. Czech violet, which finished second, won the fight in Sweden of Hannah Eburn, which finished third.

The course of the struggle for the victory

Tiril Eckhoff won the sprint race, so started the first in the mass start. Its advantage was 30 seconds over nearest rival Hannah Seberg.

After two shootings, the Norwegian maintained the lead, after shooting for zero. Bern and Italy’s Dorothea Wierer worked clean in the first prone stage, but simultaneously went to penalties after the second.

Took advantage of Pauline orris, who has closed all targets in the second prone stage. The gap Eckhoff after the second shooting has increased almost to the minute.

After the first “pillar” of violet and Seberg reduced the backlog from Eckhoff to 34 seconds because Tiril “has earned” about fine.

However, at the last shooting Norwegian quickly closed all the targets and with the traditional smile of the winner left the stadium. Tiril won all the races in Ruhpolding, including women’s relay.

The fight for second place developed between Seberg and Violet. In the end, second place was awarded to violet. The third was Seberg.

The speech of the Ukrainian

Best of all of the Ukrainians was made by Vita Semerenko, who started 34th. Vite managed an incredible breakthrough due to the great shooting – 20 shots accurate.

Due to the good shooting and speed Vita finished in 8th.

Worst starting number was at Valentina Semerenko, who started the pursuit race 59. But she also managed an incredible breakthrough.

Valentine ran one lap penalty and finished in 18th place.

Best starting position of the Ukrainians was Yulia Jima. It started the 29th, but took advantage of his position.

On “lezhke” Jim “earned” 2 penalties. 5 penalties Jim overcame after two shootings in standing position. It threw Yulia on the last position, so she withdrew from the race.