Biathlon: Ukrainian men’s team finished seventh in the relay in Canmore, women – 14-e

Биатлон: мужская сборная Украины финишировала седьмой в эстафете в Кэнморе, женщины – 14-е

In Canmore hosted the men’s and women’s relay races of a world Cup stage on biathlon.

Team Norway won the men’s relay at the world Cup in canadian Canmore, showing the best shooting at distances with zero failures when using seven extra rounds. Second finished the team of France, which lost to the Norwegians with a handicap in a minute with a vengeance, and on the third place finished the team from Russia.

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A good result in the relay and showed the Ukrainian team, which ran pryma Artem, Sergey Semenov, Taras lesyuk and Dmitry Pidruchny.

The Ukrainians have used nine spare rounds, but in the third stage of Taras lesyuk after the second shooting went to an extra round. The gap of the national team of Ukraine of the sixth Chekhov was only 4.5 seconds, from the fifth Austrian – 5.8 seconds.

1. Norway (0+7) 1:16:36.7
2. France (0+8) +1:10.4
3. Russia (0+9) +1:48.4

7. Ukraine (1+9) +3:28.0

In women the victory was celebrated by the German team. German women beat Norway for 30 seconds. Third place in the France team.

Ukrainian team failed race. Ukrainian biathletes showed 14th result. In our team participated Yulia Zhuravok Yuliya Jim, Hope Belkin and Ian Cooper.

Ukrainian women as a whole used 12 spare rounds and ran 3 laps.

1. Germany (1+12) 1:10:16,3
2. Norway (2+7) +30,2
3. France (0+12) +41,6

14. Ukraine (3+12) +6:09,3

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