Biden completely bypasses Sanders in the race to the Democrats

Байден окончательно обходит Сандерса в гонке демократов

Former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden won at least four of the six States where on March 10 passed through the primary of the Democratic party. He received a majority in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri. His main rival, Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, won in North Dakota. In Washington state results have not been announced yet.

A week earlier, Biden won ten of the 14 States where primaries were held. “This is more than the return,” commented his victory to Biden, who began a campaign tentatively and lost the first pre-election. In his speech, a former associate of Barack Obama thanked Sanders and his supporters.

Sanders the results of the second “super Tuesday” has not yet commented. However, he continues to participate in the campaign, the words of his assistant. On Saturday, the Senator intends to take part in the debate in which to discuss just him and Biden.

March 10 candidates fought for votes in a total of 352 delegates, nearly 10% of 3979 representatives of the States and territories of the United States, who will participate in the party Congress in mid-July. The delegates will formally elect a candidate, voting in accordance with the results of primary elections in their districts. The most votes on Tuesday has been played in the States of Michigan and Washington – 125 and 98, respectively. According to preliminary results current “super Tuesday”, Biden has gained at least 176 votes, and Sanders – 110. In the overall standings Biden, according to estimates by The New York Times, 846 delegates, Sanders – 684.

One problem with Sanders is the low level of support among African Americans, writes Vox. In 2016, this group of voters he was not popular, for the past four years, he tried to change the situation, he began to speak about the “racist criminal justice system”, about his involvement in the civil rights movement and received support from the influential black pastor and politician Jesse Jackson. However, Biden is a group of the population still receives more support, says the publication.

According to experts, lose Sanders in key States on March 10 with very high probability, put a point in his attempts to become the democratic candidate. A schedule of future primaries also plays into the hands of Biden predicted he can win in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia and Arizona.